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Our patients are the reason we are here!  We feel honored that each and every one of you have entrusted us with your dental care.
Maybe I am old enough to remember how bad it used to be, however, if you want to experience incredible service from the pre-appointment to the very end, you have to try Bridgeview Dental Associates. Their way is the ONLY way!

Don W.

This Dental Team is ACES!

Every experience I have had at Bridgeview Dental has exceeded my expectations, from the Front Desk, to the Hygienist and Doctor. It is amazing to actually look forward to appointments....It only took 40 years to find them! I am never leaving!!

Sharon K.

Best dental practice in Portland!!!!

My wife and I have been going to Bridgeview Dental for at least 7 years, and during that time we have had nothing but positive experiences. Bridgeview is probably not the least expensive dental practice in town, nor the most expensive, but if you're looking for friendly, professional, and extremely competent staff--and I mean everyone from receptionist, scheduler, biller, office manager, hygienists to dentists--you would be hard pressed to do better than Bridgeview Dental. I'm not a relative or employee, by the way, just a very satisfied customer. You know how you sometimes wonder if a business is advising you to do something because it's in their best interest rather than yours? I have never had that feeling about Bridgeview; I always feel that their primary mission is to safeguard my dental health.


Robert L.

Outstanding care!

I have been a patient for 10 years and received incredible preventative care, as well as great advice about cosmetic services. Some were recommended, others were not....leading me to trust the professionals at Bridgeview. I feel listened to, and am able to get questions answered so that I am comfortable with the information. And, no dental crisis in these 10 years which I attribute to the great routine care I receive. I highly recommend this practice.

Kathy K.

High Quality and Great Customer Service!

First off, let me say that I am a tough critic of dental offices. I moved here two years ago and have been doing extensive research on which office to go to. Well, I am hooked! Bridgeview is the BEST! Everyone treated me like the knew me for years! It all started with a phone call to the office - they took my information right away and at my appointment, they remembered everything that we talked about on the phone! The cleaning from the hygienest was great and detailed. The doctor and assistant were friendly, hones, knowledgable and funny. Overall, exceeded my expectations!

Dani A.

Dr. Briles is the greatest!!

I have been going to Bridgeview for 20 years and have NEVER had a bad appointment or bad service. My dental work is great and the staff is friendly and organized. Dr. Briles is wonderful and I love the respect in the office. They all work together very well. I recommend Bridgeview Dental to all.

Amie E.

Had an exceptional first visit for my biannual checkup to the office. Valerie, Smurf, Dr. Briles, and Sharon were all very personable, knowledgeable, thorough, and a pleasure to meet! Thanks for such a great first visit to your office. I am looking forward to my next visit!


Heidi B.

***** Amazing - love this place!

Flawless (and pain free!) service, so well coordinated. Great team approach to dental care, no wait and they worked with my schedule perfectly. Thanks for fixing my teeth!

Megan J.

This crew has it all! Smiling faces, professionalism and superb skill. Hands down, this was the best dental experience I have ever had and look forward to a long association with Bridgeview Dental.

Dave. G.

Best experience with a cavity ever!!!

I had two cavities filled by Dr. Briles. He and his assistant did a great job of explaining the procedure and were able to completely eliminate any pain without numbing my face. They filled the two cavities painlessly in 45 minutes and it was amazing! This is coming from a native Portlander whose teeth have suffered the consequences of unfluoridated water. It was so quick and painless, I will be recommending Bridgeview to everyone I know!

Sara B

Five Stars!!!

A great dentist is hard to find and here is one! All the staff are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable people. They worked out a care plan for me that involved me in the planning and was a comprehensive approach to my dental care! Highly, highly recommended!

Larry O.

Best dental visit I have ever had! I came in for an annual exam and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly everyone was. It had been about a year since my last exam and I need to have some work done. The best part was at the end - I was given a full breakdown of recommended service and cost before I left the office!

Jason T.

Bridgeview Dental Made Smiling Wonderful Again!

I have been a client of Bridgeview Dental for many years and I have had extensive work done. I love my teeth! Bridgeview Dental worked with my budget and timeline and, I can't thank them enough! If you are looking for a long-term dental office, please give Bridgeview Dental Associates in Downtown Portland a try!

Vanessa H.

Dental Care Supreme!

I have been a patient of Bridgeview Dental for years and everyone in the office feels to me like extended family. My cares and concerns are always met and the dental work is always done to a very high standard. Bridgeview Dental provides and outstanding experience from start to finish in meeting all of my dental needs.

Julie D.

Smiles for Briles! I am sure that most people would agree that time spent at the dentist's office is not their first choice for a fun time. However, when it is necessary to do so, I admit that Dr. Briles' office is as good as it gets. I have the utmost faith in his ability and knowledge. I do not dread coming to my appointments like I did in my youth...many, many years ago!

Jerrie K.

Who knew dentistry could be so comfortable and affordable? I went to my dental appointment expecting discomfort and was extremely surprised at what an enjoyable and informative appointment it was. It didn't break the bank and this team is top notch from start to finish!

Bruce W.

Excellent service, nice view!

I was very pleased to learn about Bridgeview Dental when I moved to the Portland area. The ladies at the front desk are always friendly and helpful, as well as the rest of the folks in the office. It has a comfortable atmosphere with a trustworthy staff. I have referred a few people to Bridgeview Dental and I highly recommend them to my friends. I also like getting a $25.00 gift card for the referrals as a thank you.


Exceptional Service!

Bridgeview Dental has the most amazing staff! They are genuinely friendly, incredibly knowledgeable, professional and talented. They make going to the dentist a positive, pleasant experience. I'm so glad I found them!

Holly G.

Outstanding Service! Dr. Briles is truly understanding. The office has the latest technology and use it to make each visit efficient and effective. I have been very impressed with the experience from the time that I check in to the time I check out. A very friendly and capable staff!

Mike H.

Five Star Appointment with Bridgeview!

Many people fear an appointment with the dentist. A visit to Bridgeview is a visit which will allay those fears. Competent dentists and dental hygienists plus office staff who do an equally competent and thorough job - all this with a smile and open manner to make you feel completely satisfied and ready to come back when service is needed. So put away those fears and come to Bridgeview!

Arthur W.

Dental Appointments can be fun!

I extemely pleased with the royal treatment I receive at Bridgeview Dental. Drs Briles, Parks and Team are courteous, professional and knowledgable. I truly look forward to my visits. I highly recommend Bridgeview Dental to anyone seeking a pleasant dental experience.

Judy H.

Love you guys!

I so appreciated the attention to detail, as well as the very up-to-date technology. I haven't had a cavity in almost 30 years and they were able to catch one in the very early stages with their digital xrays. I felt that my cleaning was very thorough and that I was getting high quality care. I have already told many friends about them. Thanks Bridgeview gang!

Danielle B

5 Stars! It has been a few years and I moved away from my old dentist. I checked out Bridgeview online and they seemed reputable and I decided to take my chances. Turns out that every part of my visit exceeded my expectations: friendly, helpful staff, quality care, clean offices and even great views of the city. I look forward ( I know, an oxymoron for a dental appointment) to my next visit!

Juiliana M.

I always expect and receive excellent service and care at Bridgeview Dental

Norman B.

I have been going to Bridgeview Dental for 10 years. I have never been disappointed, nor have I ever been to a better dental provider. The staff is ALWAYS friendly and professional. My hygienist is thorough, very gentle and also friendly. I have been pleased by all the dental work provided by the dentists. I have never experienced pain during or after dental work and have always been satisfied with the quality of the work. Additionally, they are very quick and I spend no more than 5 minutes in the waiting room. In all of the 10 years, I had to wait only once and it was due to another patient's emergency. Since I had to wait 20 minutes, they gave me a Starbuck's card for some tea while I waited. How's that for excellent customer service! With the downtown location just a 10-minute walk from where I work, it's very convenient, especially since they run on schedule and I can count on being back to the office when I expect to be. Bridgeview takes great care of my teeth! I would definitely (and have) recommend Bridgeview Dental to my friends and co-workers!

Nancy S.

Two great dentists in one location. Dr. Briles and Dr. Parks are both attentive, professional and skilled dentists. I have had a hard time finding a good dentist in Portland and when I came to Bridgeview, I found two! They are always able to explain what they are doing. Their office has the latest and greatest equipment to make your trip to the dentist as painless as possible. They are always concerned about comfort and able to accomodate those with severe anxiety about visiting the dentist. The entire staff at Bridgeview mirrors what you will find in Drs. Briles and Parks, professional, attentive and skilled at their jobs. Oh, and the view is really good from anywhere in the office!

Sara W.

Everything went great today with my appointment! You all are such a friendly group!

Mara H.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my dental needs! Your office is truly a relaxing and friendly place to be and I don't dread going to the dentist anymore!

Debbie L.

Worth the drive! It takes about 75 minutes for me to get to this office, but it is worth it! Extremely professional staff with great demeanor. Not at all patronizing and very up front and helpful about accessing insurance and making the most sound financial decisions. I booked my 6-month follow up and planned my 12-month care before leaving on the first visit!

Lara F.

Wow! As a new patient to your office, I have to say this is the best dental experience that I have had. Thank you!

Trudy M.

My dentist of 20-some years retired a couple of years ago and I ended up at Bridgeview Dental. This practice is outstanding. The whole experience is handled efficiently and professionally. They are friendly and courteous, even by Portland standards. They have the latest technology and their knowledge of treatment options is above the level of the practice that I formerly patronized. Highly recommended!

David B.

Excellent service !!! The folks at Bridgevidew were so friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming. I would highly recommend their staff/office over and above any dentist I have ever been to.

Heidi P.

I wish to thank your for your professional and gracious spirits, your kind and conscientious attitude and your respectful demeanor. I feel truly blessed.


Alice B.

My wife and I have been going to Bridgeview Dental for 6 years. Frankly, I don't know how they compare to other dental practices on cost, but they do not seem expensive. For me that is less important than their performance. Everyone associated with the practice is a professional who seems to enjoy their job and shows enthusiasm and expertise. I have faith that I will receive the best of dental care and advice when I visit. I can wholeheartedly recommend Bridgeview Dental Associates for anyone looking for a great dental office.

Robert L.

I am very happy with Bridgeview Dental. I am a second-generation patient and have been with them since 1985 when Dr. Briles (senior) was my dentist. I have always received excellent care and have enjoyed watching Dr. John Briles take over the practice and succeed.

Geniune warmth of experienced professionals in caring for their patients. My initial visit worked for me!

Suzanne F.

Bridgeview Dental is making the dentist fun for me! Unbelievable!

Feroshia K.

Pleasantly Surprised!

I've been to more than a few dental offices in my life, and this one exceeds all my expectations. The staff is friendly, helpful, courteous and very experienced. Information is shared in a clear, easily understandable manner in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. Everyone I met here has been wonderful and I recommend Bridgeview Dental to anyone who is looking for great dental care with professionals who are great at all aspects of their work.

Katie J.

Five Stars for friendly on-time treatment! I have had several procedures done over the past couple of years and have been very pleased with the level of professionalism, quality of work and courtesy of all the staff at Bridgeview. All procedures are clearly explained ahead of time and quoted accurately. One of the things I love the most is that they operate ON TIME! I don't wait more than five minutes before I am ushered into a treatment room. I appreciate a dental practice that values my time as much as their own.

Christine P.

Best Dentist in PDX

Great, friendly, professional. Really a great value and fantastic staff!

Ashley L.

Excellent Service! Couldn't ask for more! I came to Bridgeview Dental, having cried from bad service and treatment at my previous dental office. I have been treated with nothing but respect and professionalism by all the staff in this office. They explain everything in detail and can even show you on the computer! The dentists, hygienist and office staff all really seem to LOVE their jobs and it shows in their attitude. Thank you to all the Bridgeview staff who make an uncomfortable situation very enjoyable!

Laura E.

Awesome caring staff and dentists! All of the staff and dentists at Bridgeview Dental are competent, caring and compassionate individuals. They treat you as though you are family, are very friendly and know what they are doing. I highly recommend them!

Angie M.

Good job!

I am old enough (70 something) to remember how much my parents were concerned about the care of their teeth as they was a very important issue that I did not understand at the time...but now that is pretty much obsolete and I am happy!

Carol Z

*****Definitely Recommended!
I have always dreaded going to the dentist, but the staff at Bridgeview always makes it easier than anticipated. The hygienist is awesome and both Dr. Briles and Dr. Parks have done great work on me. I have had great experiences there and definitely recommend them!

Lori J.

I would definitely recommend this office as they are very friendly and go out of the way to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Linda N.

***** Looking for great dental care? You will find it at Bridgeview Dental! I have been putting off my dental needs for an exceedingly long time. Bridgeview Dental was exactly what was looking to find!

Andrew M.

Best Dentist in Town!

First class experience from start to finish! The office staff is super friendly and helpful, the dentist and hygienists are always on time which is really great when you are working and trying to get it all in! I feel like I am getting such great care from the doctor and hygienist. The office is super clean with great equipment! I have been going to Bridgeview for over 6 years and always recommend them to my family and friends. Highly recommend!

Ashley L.

Routine trips to the dentist can be a drag, but all the wonderful people here make it a great experience.

Delores G.

Dr. Parks is great with nervous patients!

I am really nervous about going to the dentist. Dr. Parks was great. He fixed another dentist's work and didn't charge me! I had been back to the other dentist 3 times but it never felt right until Dr. Parks fixed it. I really appreciate his time and patience with me.

Deana D.

Two thumbs up! Outstanding service, well organized and a very friendly staff! I would definitely recommend Bridgeview Dental to family and friends!

Doug B.

I have been a patient of Bridgeview Dental Associates, Dr. Jim Briles, Dr. John Briles, and Dr;. Stuart Parks, for nearly forty years. Over that time, I have received consistent, high-quality, cost effective dental services.
A major benefit of receiving services from Bridgeview Dental Associates is that the commitment to quality care extends throughout the organization. I have been seen primarily by two dental hygienists, Val and Kim, and have had all matters pertaining to scheduling and billing dealt with seamlessly and courteously by Lisa and Robin.
I can recommend Bridgeview Dental Associates with complete confidence.

Jonathan Block

Hygienist Val was friendly, gentle and professional. Front desk personnel Robyn and crew are always awesome. And I love saying hello to the the wait room fish tank residents.

Marie Bates

I have been referring friends, family, students and colleagues to Bridgeview Dental Associates for many, many years. I have never had anyone come back to me to complain about the treatment they received. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. The hygienists (I normally see Val) are on top of any problems you may have lurking around and are extremely competent. The front office staff are extremely helpful in scheduling appointments to explaining your bill and your insurance benefits. I just can't say enough good things about Bridgeview Dental. Few people enjoy going to the dentist, but they make going to the dentist a good experience. I highly recommend them!

Angie Mettie

As always, today’s appointment with Val was a pleasure— at least as much of a pleasure as a tooth cleaning can be. Everyone there is very friendly, very helpful, and always timely

Douglas Blomgren

Lisa and the rest of the desk staff is incredibly friendly early in the morning, and I'm always impressed by how gentle Dr. Parks is.

Kate Perry

I have been a patient at Bridgeview Dental Associates for about 14 years. The dental and hygiene care at Bridgeview is outstanding. Recently I needed to have an old crown replaced. Dr. Bradstreet and his assistant Nancy made this a very easy and comfortable procedure. It's been a while since I've had to have dental work beyond my cleanings with Val. I was so impressed with both Dr. Bradstreet's and Nancy's careful and courteous manner and with all the new devices to make the procedure more comfortable during a long process. Bridgeview overall is a well ordered professional dental practice.

Eileen Harrington

Everyone has been pleasant the last 2.5 years. Enjoy this dental office.

Cierra Nease

Singlehandedly the best experience I have had at the dentist. Dr. Baker and Erin are genuinely kind and gentle while maintaining a high level of professionalism. If you've been dreading going to the dentist I highly recommend them.

Keven Rafael

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