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Quality Dental Implant Restorations in Portland Downtown

If you have missing teeth, you've likely already noticed an impact on your daily life. Losing even one tooth can result in functional issues and impact your appearance in a way that may leave you feeling self-conscious. Bridgeview Dental Associates can help. We offer dental implants as an aesthetic, functional, and permanent replacement for missing and severely damaged teeth.

Our experienced team is committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health with personalized and compassionate care. Whether you're missing one tooth or several, our implant-supported restorations can restore your smile and help improve your overall quality of life. If you are looking for dental implants in Portland, you can count on us. Schedule your visit today.


How Do Dental Implants Work?

A dental implant is a prosthesis that is surgically placed in your jawbone to replace one or more teeth. It is typically made of body-safe materials such as titanium or titanium alloy. The implant post fuses with the surrounding living tissue and bone in a process called osseointegration, becoming a stable and permanent part of your jaw. A complete dental implant is made up of three main parts:

  1. Post: inserted into the jawbone to replace missing tooth roots
  2. Abutment: connects the post to the prosthetic
  3. Prosthetic: a crown, bridge, or denture that makes up the visible part of the implant

Dental implants are a good solution for many with missing teeth and can also replace broken teeth or a significantly decayed tooth. They are a versatile and durable solution designed to mimic the natural look and feel of real teeth. Our skilled dentist will help determine if you qualify for dental implants, including understanding your oral health goals and assessing the health of your gums, jawbone, and overall oral condition.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing one or more teeth can result in difficulty speaking and chewing, as well as cosmetic issues like facial collapse and large gaps in your smile. Dental implants are a permanent treatment with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Restoring function to your mouth, making it easier to speak and eat
  • Filling gaps and stopping your teeth from shifting out of place
  • Helping protect the health of your gums and surrounding teeth
  • Providing essential stimulation to keep your jawbone from weakening

As well as returning function to your bite, our dentist will work closely with you to ensure your restoration feels comfortable and natural in your mouth. We will also carefully match the shade, shape, and size of the surrounding teeth to create a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing smile.

Types of Implant Restorations

When you visit our office, we will thoroughly examine your mouth to determine which restoration suits your unique situation. Regardless of which type we decide on, we use durable materials so that, with the proper care, your restoration can last for many years. Some of the implant-supported restorations we work with include:

  • Crowns are a single-tooth restoration that involves placing one implant into the jawbone. We can also place multiple crowns throughout your smile.
  • Bridges replace multiple teeth in a row using two implant posts placed on either side of the gap in your smile. Then, the bridge is secured to the implants to fill the space between them.
  • Dentures can replace up to a full arch of teeth. It uses several implants, typically between six and eight, to secure the restoration to your jaw. Unlike traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures are fixed in place, eliminating concerns about them rubbing against your gums or slipping while you speak or eat.

FAQs about Dental Implants

Our team will work closely with you so that you feel confident in the care that you are receiving. We are happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you might have about your dental implants. Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our patients include:

Do dental implants look natural?

Dental implants are designed to look natural and blend in with the rest of your smile. Regardless of if you receive a crown, bridge, or denture, we can customize it to be virtually indistinguishable from your surrounding teeth.

Dental implants are not removable. Once placed and healed, dental implants are a permanent part of your jaw. However, over time, it may be necessary for your dentist to remove and repair the implant-supported restoration.

You can care for your dental implants in the same way that you would your normal teeth. It's important to continue your normal dental routines, including brushing and flossing, to help your implant-supported restorations last as long as possible. Maintaining your regular dental appointments is also a vital step in keeping your dental implants healthy.

Your Restoration Dentist in Portland

At Bridgeview Dental Associates, we are passionate about helping you regain your smile's function and aesthetic. Dental implants offer a long-lasting and stable solution to restore your oral health and improve your self-confidence. Our team has the skills and experience to deliver the compassionate care and personalized treatment you need to meet your goals. If you are looking for reliable and customized restorations with dental implants in Portland, call our office to schedule an appointment today.




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